Colloidal Sillica
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What is Colloidal Sillica
SIL-POX is stable dispersions of milli micron size SiO2 particles in water or other solvent. The silica particles are non-agglomerated spherical in shape, negatively charged and stabilized with a counter ion. The surface of the sol is composed of silanol groups which are partially ionized. The sodium is present a counter ion and resulting system is in equilibrium.
SIL-POX differs from powders ( such as arc, famed, precipitated and hydro gels ) in that they are non-agglomerated and already dispersed in a liquid media. Silica is chemically inactive so effect of SIL-POX is primarily mechanical.
SIL-POX sols are slightly opalescent dispersions of rigid chemically inert silica particles available in the range of particle sizes and at concentrations 30% and 40%
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