Colloidal Sillica
    Sillica Gel
    What is a Sillica Gel
Application of Sil-Po (Indicating and Non-Indicating) Silica Gel
Silica Gel needed in pallet or granular form. The long establish uses of Silica Gel in granular or palleted form appear to be as Catalyst base and as absorbent or desiccant.
Some uses of Sil-Po Gel (Indicating and Non-Indicating)
As Absorbent
Maintenance of dry Atmosphere in food and Pharmaceutical Packing
Removal of moisture from transformers breathers
In Thermal Power
In Telecommunication
Reinforcing stiffing and hardening organics solids
Reducing adhesion between solid surfaces
Increasing adhesion of adhesives
Increasing viscosity and thiotropy of liquids
Creating various Optical effects
Surfactant effects
Catalyst base
Cloud seeding
Protection of articles like Cameras, Televisions etc.
Application of Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel
Analytical purpose in thin layer Chromatography.
High performance liquid Chromatography.
Partition column Chromatography.
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