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Sil-pox Applications (Products)
Investment Casting of Metals
Ceramic shell investment casting simplifies manufacture of complex metal parts. Detailed parts of complex design are cast in an almost unlimited selection of metals and alloys to precision tolerances with fine surface finish. The process consists of encasing an expendable wax pattern of the piece to be produced in ceramic shell by repetitively dipping the pattern in SIL-POX refractory grain slurry. Stuccoing with courser refectory grain and drying. The expendable pattern is melted out and metal poured into the hollow shell. After solidification of the metal, the shell is broken away and discarded.
SIL-POX 30 has high bonding power with a variety of ceramic grains such a zircon, fused silica, alumina and aluminosilicates. The resulting shell are strong with low coefficients of thermal expansion and excellent surface reproduction. Refectories grains readily disperse in SIL-POX to form slurries which have consistent properties and large pot life.
Thermal Insulations
SIL-POX 40 act as high temperatures for silica alumina type fibers giving strength and durability to finished shapes. Generally, strength of refractory shapes varies inversely with particle size. With constant total silica content, a smaller sol yields greater strength providing more surface area for boarding and greater number of particles per unit volume where strength has been maximized. Total silica usage can probably be reduced by using smaller particle size.
SIL-POX 40 as part of a spinning oil emulsion is used to fractionize wool alone or in blends with synthetic fibers. The silica imparts strength to the yarn and offers other benefits such as:
Increased yield per bale by allowing incorporation of short staple into the yarn
Reduced 'ends down' breakage
Reduction in yarn twist with no loss in break strength can mean increased production
a cleaner operating area due to reduced 'fly'
SIL-POX 30 are used in catalyst manufacture as binders and support vehicles for the catalyzing agent. The high surface area available in sols provide porosity and binding efficiency. In some cases sodium (used as the stabilizing agent in sols0 is detrimental to catalyst efficiency.
Packing Products
SIL-POX is used to provide anti-skid properties to corrugated boxes and multi wall paper bags If a dilute solution of SIL-POX is used, the colloidal particles form an invisible coating as the paper surface. As two treated surfaces come together and they interlock to provide a firm grip which resists slippage.
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