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Types of Sil-Po Silica Gel:
Sil-Po Chemical is manufacturing three types of Sil-Po Silica Gel which are given below:
Sil-Po Indicating Silica Gel
Sil-Po Non-Indicating Silica Gel
Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel
What is Sil-Po Indicating Silica Gel?
Sil-Po Indicating Silica Gel is solid with grainy porous structure free from extraneous imparities and its color is Blue. The Sil-Po indicating Silica Gel is impregnated with Cobalt Chloride.
What is Sil-Po Non-Indicating Silica Gel?
Sil-Po Non-Indicating Silica Gel is White, solid with grainy porous structure free from extraneous imparities.
General Properties of Sil-Po Silica Gel (Indicating & Non-Indicating)
Sr. No. Specification IS-3401-1992
1 Bulk Density (gm/cc) 0.55 to 0.65
2 Loss on Drying (wt %) at temp (110ºC) 5 Maximum
3 Adsorption Capacity Adsorbs minimum 27percent of moisture on the basis
4 pH Value (at 25ºC) 3.5 to 8
5 Chloride (as NaCl)  
  (a) Indicating Silica Gel
(Percent by mass) Max.
  (b) Non-Indicating Silica Gel
 (Percent by mass) Max.
6 Cobalt (as CoCl2)
(For Indicating Silica Gel, Percent by mass) Min.
7 Ammonium Compounds
(as Nh3) (Percent by mass) Max.
8 Sulphate 5
(as Na2S04) (Percent by mass)Max.
What is Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel?
Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel is powder form based on the scientific patent and manufacturing litratare as per it’s specification 12008-1986. Chromatographic grade Silica Gel is mainly used for analytical purpose in thin layer Chromatography high performance liquid Chromatography and partition column Chromatography.
Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel has two grades:
for thin layer Chromatography
for partition column Chromatography
Sil-Po Chromatography Silica Gel Grade 1 has two types:
Silica Gel without binder
Silica Gel with binder
General properties of Silica Gel thin layer Chromatography
Sr. No. Characteristics Requirements
Specification: IS-12008-1986
  Type-1 Type-2
1 Particle size passing through 50 Micron is sieve % by mass 97 97
2 pH of aqueous suspension (10%) 5.5-7.7 6.0-7.5
3 Sodium (as Na), ppm Max. 700 -
4 Chloride (as Cl), ppm Max. 200 200
5 Iron (as Fe), ppm Max. 100 100
6 Loss on ignition % by mass Max. 20 -
7 Gypsum % by mass - 12-14
General properties for Silica Gel for Partition Column Chromatography
Sr. No. Characteristic Requirements
1 Particle size distribution between any mesh (250/125 micron or150/75 micron is sieve) Min. 95
2 pH of aqueous suspensia 5.5-7.0
3 Sodium (as Na), ppm Max. 700
4 Chloride (as Cl), ppm Max. 200
5 Iron (as Fe), ppm Max. 100
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